Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia

Project goals

Examination of how and to what extent environmental challenges influence three components of population dynamics – fertility, mortality, and migration in Serbia

Innovative Methodology

Combination of demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental data from different sources and levels. Structural equation models (SEM) are employed to identify the causal pathways.

Expected impact

An open data environment stimulates interdisciplinary and multi-domain use of the project’s results and data during and beyond the project’s lifetime.

Our Team

POPENVIROS multidisciplinary team includes researchers with different but at the same time complementary profiles such as demographers, environmental analysts, and statisticians

Project News


On April 8 and 9, the POPENVIROS project was presented at the expert meeting “Citizens’ Voice in Spatial and Urban Planning” held in Vrdnik organized by National Alliance for Local...


Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 in more than 150 countries around the world. The intention is to remind people all over the world of the state of the nature of the planet they live on, as well as...


On April 19th and 20th, 2024, Belgrade will host a significant international scientific conference titled “Population in Post-Yugoslav Countries: (Dis)similarities and Perspectives”. This event...

Catch-up meeting, April 2024

On April 8, 2024, a catch-up meeting of the members of the POPENVIROS team involved in work package 2 was held.   Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivan Novković, Natalija Mirić, Damjan Bakić, and Tijana...

POPENVIROS presentation in the panel discussion “Demografisanje”

As part of the activities of the Society of Demographers of Serbia, a series of online panel discussions under the name Demografisanje is organized. The idea is to bring demographers and researchers...

Working package 1 is completed

We are pleased to inform you that all activities within Work Package 1 have been successfully completed. The activities within WP 1 were related to the collection and critical review of previous...

POPENVIROS Presentation in the Endowment of Vuk Karadžić

On Monday, February 26, 2024, the POPENVIROS project “Population dynamics under environmental challenges in Serbia” financed under the Prizma program of the Science Fund of the Republic of...

Tribina Vukove Zadužbine

Pozivamo sve zainteresovane da prisustvuju Tribini Vukove Zadužbini na kojoj će biti predstavljen projekat POPENVIROS.  Na tribini će govoriti dr Slavoljub Dragićević, redovni profesor Geografskog...


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Working breakfast with media representatives

The PR team of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia organized a working breakfast attended by media representatives and three principal investigators of the projects from the Science Fund...

POPENVIROS in weekly newspaper “Ekspres”

“Jedan od najvećih izazova sa kojim se Srbija danas suočava jeste demografske prirode, a proističe iz negativnih trendova u dinamici stanovništva u poslednjih nekoliko decenija.” Ceo tekst...

Catch-up meeting, February 2024

On February 1, 2024, a catch-up meeting of the members of the POPENVIROS team involved in work package 1 (project preparation) was held. Vera Gligorijević, Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivan Novković, Petar...

Kick off meeting

At the end of 2023 (December 11), POPENVIROS project officially began with a kick-off meeting at the Faculty of Geography. The team members discussed the project activities, internal communication and...
Project title: Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia
Program: PRISMA,
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Subprogram: Social and humanities sciences

Project ID: 7358
Starting date: 01.12.2023.
Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigator:
Natalija Mirić
Professor Assistant
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Geography
The POPENVIROS website was developed with the financial support of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.
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