Aleksandra Anić

Name and surname: Aleksandra Anić

Institution: University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics and Business

Title: Assistant professor

Areas of scientific interest: Applied microeconometrics, social policy, poverty, childcare, labour market

Short biography: Aleksandra Anić is an assistant professor at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics and Business, and a researcher at the Foundation for Advancement in Economics. She obtained her PhD from the same university. She was awarded a prestige scholarship from the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund in 2016 and 2017. She has worked on many projects financed by international and local organizations (UNDP, USAID, RRPP, SORS, Science Fund, etc.) Her research interests are in labor markets, especially activity and employment of women with children, inequality and poverty.

Project title: Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia
Program: PRISMA,
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Subprogram: Social and humanities sciences

Project ID: 7358
Starting date: 01.12.2023.
Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigator:
Natalija Mirić
Professor Assistant
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Geography
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