Damjan Bakić

Name and surname: Damjan Bakić

Institution: University of Belgrade Faculty of Geography

Title: Teaching Assistant

Areas of scientific interest: Historical Demography, Applied Demography, Demographic development of the population of Serbia.

Short biography: Damjan Bakić completed his undergraduate and master’s studies at the Department of Demography at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. In 2017, he enrolled in doctoral studies at the same faculty, and the topic of the doctoral dissertation he is working on is “Reconstruction of demographic trends during the 15th and 16th centuries in Rudnik and Užice nahia΄s”. Since 2017 he has been employed as a demonstrator in the Department of Demography, and in 2022 he will receive the title of teaching assistant. His main scientific interests are historical demography, the application of computer techniques in the study of population, the demographic development of the population of Serbia and the study of socio-demographic characteristics of households and families. He is the author of more than ten scientific papers and a participant in several national and international conferences. He is a member of the Society of Demographers of Serbia (DDS) and the Association of Young Historical Demographers (AYHD).

Project title: Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia
Program: PRISMA,
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Subprogram: Social and humanities sciences

Project ID: 7358
Starting date: 01.12.2023.
Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigator:
Natalija Mirić
Professor Assistant
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Geography
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