Slavoljub Dragićević

Name and surname: Slavoljub Dragićević

Institution: University of Belgrade Faculty of Geography

Title: Full Professor

Areas of scientific interest: Geomorphology, Natural hazards and natural disasters

Short biography: Slavoljub Dragićević is Full Professor on the Chair of Physical Geography and his research interests cover geomorphology (recent geomorphologic-hydrological processes in the function of the landscape degradation), natural hazards and natural disasters. In these topics he published four scientific monographs, a university book and a practi­cum, ten chapters in the international monographs, more than 100 scientific and expert papers in Peer-reviewed Journals. He has been a member of several scientific and organizational boards and he attended in more than 30 scientific meetings in Serbia and abroad. He is a Senior Associate Editor of the Carpathian Jour­nal of Earth and Envi­ron­mental Sciences and five other geographical journals in South-eastern Europe, has been the Vice Dean of Science and International Cooperation, Head of the Institute for Environmental Studies and GIS, Head of the Chair of Physical geography and the Chair of Environmental Studies, Head of the Laboratory for Physical geography. He was the project leader in 19, and the member in the realization of 23 scientific projects, studies and elaborates.

Project title: Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia
Program: PRISMA,
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Subprogram: Social and humanities sciences

Project ID: 7358
Starting date: 01.12.2023.
Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigator:
Natalija Mirić
Professor Assistant
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Geography
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