Tijana Jakovljević

Name and surname: Tijana Jakovljević

Institution: Faculty of Geography University of Belgrade

Title: Teaching Assistant

Areas of scientific interest: biogeography, nature conservation, climate change, GIS, environmental protection

Short biography: Tijana Jakovljevic (maiden name Lezaic) has been a student teaching assistant at the Faculty of Geography – University of Belgrade, since 2016. In October 2020, she was elected to the assistant in the Department of Physical Geography. Tijana completed undergraduate and master’s study in Geospatial and Environmental Sciences. Her research focus is nature conservation with special emphasis on forest conservation and climate change. Using geographic information systems, satellite and geospatial data, she analyzes the causes of environmental change with the aim of finding possible solutions to biodiversity loss, climate change and other environmental challenges. She worked as a teaching assistant at Faculty of Forestry – University of Belgrade (2021/2022, 2022/2023) and was a teacher of Geography at Brook Hill International School, teaching Key stage 3, IGCSE and A Level (Cambridge Education System). She was a project coordinator of several projects, of which the Forest and Climate project was the most successful. It was recognized as an innovative solution and was awarded the European Youth Award and the World Summit Award. She was also a member of a team that developed a solar calculator, that allows citizens to determine solar potential of their roofs in the Republic of Serbia.

Project title: Population Dynamics under Environmental Challenges in Serbia
Program: PRISMA,
Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Subprogram: Social and humanities sciences

Project ID: 7358
Starting date: 01.12.2023.
Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigator:
Natalija Mirić
Professor Assistant
University of Belgrade
Faculty of Geography
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