On February 1, 2024, a catch-up meeting of the members of the POPENVIROS team involved in work package 1 (project preparation) was held. Vera Gligorijević, Slavoljub Dragićević, Ivan Novković, Petar Vasić, Ivan Marinković, Natalija Mirić, and Damjan Bakić have exchanged information on essential activities within WP 1. The agenda included an update on the current status of the literature collection phase (WP 1) and the status of project dissemination (WP 10).

Within the WP 1 update, the moderator (Natalija Mirić) presented the results of this project phase (collected literature) and then presented further steps and dynamics of work in the upcoming period.
Within the WP 10 update, the moderator presented the results of project dissemination related to the implementation of the project’s web channels: website and social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).